A Remarkable American elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana
Category: Unique tree
Notes: A fire drill rang that morning as we sat down to science class. We all gathered at the door and made our way down to the front lawn, chatting all the way despite pleas for silence from our teacher. Our class gathered in the shade beneath the American Elm in front of Waynesboro High School. When the signal was given to return to class, our group remained sitting beneath the tree, relaxed by the warm spring breeze. The teacher continued her lecture right there under the tree, and I could not help but gaze up at the top of the elm and daydream. It is such an enormous tree, I thought, with branches spiralling from its trunk like so many snakes swriling from the Medusa's head. The American Elm in front of Waynesboro is a sort of symbol of Waynesboro High School. It is an enormous tree that greets visitors coming from the front of the school. It predates the school and survived the Dutch Elm Disease that ravaged the country. The tree is considered an important part of the image of Waynesboro High School and is currently treated for disease on an annual basis. The tree is 48 inches wide at the trunk and 100 feet wide at its maximum foliage spread.
Best time to photograph: Morning/Evening
Nominator: Peter Bihl
Location of Tree
County/City: Waynesboro
Name of tree owner: Waynesboro High School
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