A Remarkable English elm

Tree Information
Common Name: English elm
Scientific name: Ulmus procera
Category: Old tree
Notes: The set of elms located at the Daily News-Record parking lot in downtown Harrisonburg are some of the oldest trees in the state, recognized by the Elm Research Institute in Harrisville, NH. The oldest of the set dates back to the 1700's and was nurtured and cared after by the Smiths, whose house was once located next to the elms before the house's relocation. The plaque on the tree reads: Planted in the 1700's this tree is hereby designated a historic landmark to be honored and preserved for future generations. Elm Research Institute, Harrisville, NH. A three-page history of the tree was provided by Meredith Harris, an intern with Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance. It is included in the big tree files.
Best time to photograph: Spring and Autumn, afternoon
Nominator: Tiffany Tran
Location of Tree
County/City: Harrisonburg
Name of tree owner:
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