A Remarkable sweetgum

Tree Information
Common Name: sweetgum
Scientific name: Liquidambar straciflua
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This tree is one af a very few trees that was grown from a seed that was part of a scientific experiment that involved former Smokejumper and later Astronaut Roosa taking 5 tree species into orbit aboard a spacecraft to determine how such factors as radiation might impact them. The trees were planted in Forest Service nurseries and about 2 or three trees were given to each state. I was Deputy Chief of the Forest Service in 1978 (later Chief) and a rather small seedling was given to me. It grew quite well and is now quite healthy.
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Best time to photograph: Early fall in the morning
Nominator: R. Max Peterson
Location of Tree
County/City: Loudoun
Name of tree owner: Dennis and Linda Virts
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