A Remarkable flowering dogwood

Tree Information
Common Name: flowering dogwood
Scientific name: Cornus florida
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: THIS tree blooms each spring near Easter and symbolizes a rebirth of sorts, not only for the tree itself, but for what the time of year depicts during the Easter season. It lets the world know that spring and new life is upon us as its beatiful pink flowers blossom to their full potential to create a lovely site as travelers pass by the old South Hill Elementary School. And the school for many years housed the young children who are also a symbol of sorts of growth and the future. What better way to welcome spring,and Easter than by looking upon the Dogwood Tree that is symbolic of so many things involving rebirth and growth and the future.
Best time to photograph: spring
Nominator: Lisa E. Clary
Location of Tree
County/City: Mecklenburg
Name of tree owner: Board of Supervisors
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