A Remarkable American elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana L.
Category: Unique tree
Notes: This tree survived Dutch Elm disease. It is more than 100 years old, and has remained on the property of the same family for more than 100 years, land that was a grant from the king of England. It is a landmark tree, safe harbor for boats, from the rocky, rolling waters of the Chesapeake Bay at Smith Point Lighthouse. It is also remarkable for the safe harbor it has provided for one family over four generations. It has provided safe harbor for the trials and tribulations of all families - the joy of births and marriages, and the sadness of loss, most recently the drowning of a six-year-old treasure named Walter. He was a very special child, who had knowledge and understanding beyond "normal," and although fearful of the water, was drawn to it one fateful day. This tree is a landmark for safety, joy and grief. It remains the steadfast reminder of the lasting quality of nature, through the turmoil of daily storms, and the difficulties of family life.
Best time to photograph: morning
Nominator: Susan Hill
Location of Tree
County/City: Northumberland
Name of tree owner: Straughan and Nancy Richardson
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