A Remarkable American beech

Tree Information
Common Name: American beech
Scientific name: Fagus grandifolia
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This beech tree stands 72 feet high, has a 12-foot circumference and a limb span of 92 feet. It's located at 3607 Lone Ivy Road, near Stuart, Va. What makes it remarkable is that, roughly 60 years ago, a couple of "shade-tree mechanics" (my brothers) used to throw a rope over the strongest limb and use it as a pulley to hoist engines out of automobiles. You may know my brothers as the founders of the Wood Brothers Racing Team, one of the teams that helped build NASCAR into a national sport. Before they could afford to build a garage, they got their start in the shade of this beech tree. It's older than 100 years.
Best time to photograph: any time
Nominator: Crystal Wood
Location of Tree
County/City: Patrick
Name of tree owner: Wood family
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