A Remarkable tulip-poplar

Tree Information
Common Name: tulip-poplar
Scientific name: Liriodendron tulipifera
Category: Historic tree
Notes: These are a group of trees and they fit the categories of "historic," "old," and "community." Thomas Jefferson chose to construct his retirement villa retreat in 1806 up against a venerable grove of poplars. As early as the 1740s these trees were referred to as "the forest," or "the poplar forest." Jefferson later took the name for his special house. The forest is down to five Jefferson era trees right in front of the house (250-300 years old) with a few more near by. Jefferson loved the sublime nature of this forest.
Best time to photograph: beautiful in all seasons
Nominator: Travis McDonald
Location of Tree
County/City: Bedford
Name of tree owner: Corporation for Jefferson's Poplar Forest
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