A Remarkable southern magnolia

Tree Information
Common Name: southern magnolia
Scientific name: Magnolia grandiflora
Category: Historic tree
Notes: A few yards from the corner of Griffin Boulevard and High Stree stand two beautiful magnolia trees. Only a few people in the Farmville area know that these trees came from the grounds of the White House during the administration of President William McKinley. Robert Evans, formerly of Farmville, Virginia, was a groundskeeper at the White House. Evans was the son of a Reconstruction legislator, William D. Evans, and a relative of Reconstruction state senator J.W.D. Bland. One day around the year 1898, Evans was probably told to prune a magnolia tree on the grounds. As he prepared to dispose of the cuttings, he decided to save a few branches as gifts for some of his relatives in Farmville, hoping that the branches would become trees. Seven of these brances did become trees in Farmville. However, five were in the path of Longwood College expansion and only the two remain, both of which will probably meet the same fate. Robert Evans gave two of his magnolia branches to Pompey Bland, who was the brother of Senator Bland. The former had recenty built a beautiful home near the corner of Griffin Blvd. and High Street. Pompey Bland planted his gift on each side of the walkway leading to his home. This information was taken from a newspaper article written by Mr. Charles White, publisher of The Informant. Mr. White's telephone numbers are 1-434-969-4169 and 1-434-983-3352. Note: Mr. White interviewed five senior citizens who confirmed that the tree was planted from the McKinley White House. The property is now owned by Longwood Univeristy.
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Nominator: Edna Allen-Dean
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County/City: Prince Edward
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