A Remarkable white ash

Tree Information
Common Name: white ash
Scientific name: Fraxinus americana
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: A hidden jewel in downtown Charlottesville, this majestic White Ash thrives in a small garden on City property leased to the Albemarle County Historical Society. A towering specimen in superb condition, it graces the surrounding area with dense, lush foliage; yet few notice it as it rises seemingly from a sea of buildings. Only by visiting the garden can one appreciate the girth, height, and superb condition of this wonderful ash. It is remarkable for its stamina in surviving on a small patch of earth, its graceful shape, and its overall beauty. This White Ash is a tree that deserves to be recognized as a remarkable example of its species and as a testament that huge trees can thrive and grace our Virginia cities.
Best time to photograph: Summer - morning or evening
Nominator: Catherine Wray
Location of Tree
County/City: Charlottesville
Name of tree owner: City of Charlottesville
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