A Remarkable black locust

Tree Information
Common Name: black locust
Scientific name: Robinia pseudoacacia
Category: Historic tree
Notes: The nominated black Locust is located on the grounds of "Providence" near Newtown Center in King and Queen County. The tree is almost 70 feet tall with a span of more than 25 feet. The black locust trees were prized for their strength and durablility as fence posts throughout the Old Dominion for most of its 400 hundred year history. This remaining ancient tree is the last of a line of ancient black locusts that sheltered Providence from the 18th to the 20th Centuries. A recent storm took one of its lower branches--the branch weighed more than 3500 pounds.
Best time to photograph: Anytime
Nominator: Hal and Laura Stuart
Location of Tree
County/City: King and Queen
Name of tree owner: Hal and Laura Stuart
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