A Remarkable river birch

Tree Information
Common Name: river birch
Scientific name: Betula nigra
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: I decided to submit this tree as one of the most beautiful trees in Virginia, not only because of its tall, statuesque, elegance but also because of the beautiful spirit in which it was planted. This River birch tree was planted in 1986 on the day the first grandchild was born into the Falkenstein family. It has grown steadily beside the flag of the United States for twenty years. I think this tree and its history represent the hope for our future, for our growth, for our ability to survive in different circumstances. That two proud people would dedicate a tree on the day of the birth of a baby is beautiful. The concept of "a beautiful tree" is almost redundant. This tree is certainly beautiful, but especially so because of its legacy of a couple who planted it for a little girl 20 years ago and planted it under the watch of the American Flag.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Roseanne B. Moncure
Location of Tree
County/City: Middlesex
Name of tree owner: Hugh and Lana Falkenstein
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