A Remarkable black oak

Tree Information
Common Name: black oak
Scientific name: Quercus velutina
Category: Community tree
Notes: Summit Oak If the stately oak on Summit's front lawn Had a mouth instead of leaves, The tale it could tell of past events Would be true beyond beliefs. We would hear of hammers and nails In construction, Sweat, prayer and tears Of heated discussion. The laghter of children Touching home base, In a lively game Of tag or chase. Bashful young men & Lovely young ladies, Planning a future Of daises & babies. Scampering squirrels & Tight-lipped chipmunks, Gathers life's bounty And preparing their bunks. Brightly feathered birds Teaching fledglings to fly, And sweetly sing In The By & By. Funerals of God's saints Both young & old, Who have gone on to walk Heaven's streets of pure gold. Neigbors who've met at the end of thier day, To help one another Along life's challenging highway. Inspiring sermons preached Full of the Spirit, Aimed at all souls Who need to recieve it. Brides in white dresses And long, lovely veil, Vowing to anxious grooms To be true without fail. Choirs sweetly singing To God Be The Glory, High key & Low With fanfare and Flurry. Cantatas rehearsed For many a long hour, Presented to God With vigor and Power. Bible school classes Planned to a tee, Happily greeted By elder & 'wee'. Holy Communion & Sacred Love Feast, Observed with grape juice wine And bread without yeast. Her leafy arches And welcomeing arms, Enfold & shield us From many of life's harms. These are some thoughts From the stately old oak, As she continues to greet All the special Summit folk!
Best time to photograph: Spring & Summer / Evening
Nominator: Ruth Fifer
Location of Tree
County/City: Augusta
Name of tree owner: Summit Church-Paster Steve Spire
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