A Remarkable American elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: I am nominating a large, beautiful, American Elm on behalf of the community of George Roger's Clark Elementary School in Charlottesville, VA. It is difficult to select a category for this tree. It would suit many of the options. The tree is sited between our school and Monticello Avenue. It greets anyone traveling on Route 20 as they enter or leave the city. The tree is a champion. It's large arching branches compliment the 1930's architecture beautifully and its leaves provide shade from the hot summer sun for students waiting to be picked up after school. Because of its size, it is easy to assume that it predates our school - a Charlottesville arborist is looking into more of it's history. Most remarkable of all is that we have such a large example of this rare species. Because of the devastating Dutch Elm's disease, many trees of this species were wiped out across the country. Every year or two, a tree doctor treats our tree with tubes and fluid, protecting it from any pests or potential damage from the disease. We proudly offer this nomination and invite anyone to visit and enjoy our American Elm.
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Nominator: Aaron Eichorst
Location of Tree
County/City: Charlottesville
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