A Remarkable ginkgo

Tree Information
Common Name: ginkgo
Scientific name: Ginkgo biloba
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: Planted sometime in the early 1890s, this Gingko has long been admired by passersby on Tazewell Avenue, Town of Tazewell. It is said to be the oldest Gingko in western Virginia. It was a gift from a Presbyterian missionary returning from China to Capt. and Mrs. A. J. Tynes, who had just built a large residence on the site. In 1980, the home and adjacent lot were purchased to construct a Roman Catholic Church, St. Theresa's. By 2004, the parish had grown and needed a fellowship hall. But the tree stood in the way of expansion. Father Daniel O. Brady, pastor, designed the fellowship hall addition to surround the tree, and so this magnificent specimen now seems to passersby to be growing from within the church. Parishioners created a quiet Meditation Garden surrounding the tree that is now also a haven for butterflies.
Best time to photograph: spring, late morning
Nominator: Ross Weeks Jr.
Location of Tree
County/City: Tazewell
Name of tree owner: St. Theresa's Catholic Church
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