A Remarkable Chinese elm

Tree Information
Common Name: Chinese elm
Scientific name: Ulmus parvifolia
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: This gorgeous, huge and well-shaped lacebark elm both towers over and embraces our 2.5 story 1930s cottage is historic Scottsville, VA; aside from being a contender for its size (especially given the tiny front yard in which it lives: girth of 166," approx avg. canopy of 80' and est. height of 70-80'), and beauty (strangers stop to admire it and UVA & PVCC horticulture students have made field trips to visit), the tree might almost be considered of minor historic interest. When shopping for homes, the tree instantly sold us on this home and this neighborhood--its strength and seasoned beauty certainly mirror Scottsville's perfectly--so one might say it's thanks to that tree that Scottsville has had (now Mayor) Steve Phipps serving the town since 1995.
Best time to photograph: late spring, late afternoon
Nominator: Trish Downey Phipps
Location of Tree
County/City: Albemarle
Name of tree owner: Steve & Trish Phipps
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