A Remarkable American sycamore

Tree Information
Common Name: American sycamore
Scientific name: Platanus occidentalis
Category: Unique tree
Notes: The "Three Graces"; named for three godesses of Greek mythology-Wisdom. Charm, & Beauty are sycamores. It was believed by ancient Hellenic mothers that these attributes would be bestowed upon their daughters as a reward for devotion . There are many statuary renditions of them, but they are always portrayed as standing very close to one another and sharing a common base. Our "Three Graces" are three separate and distinct trees whose root system over the years has melded into a singular, rather grostesque, large twisted mass. I guessimate their height as 80' for the shorter one, and 120' for the other two.
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Nominator: Terri Therrian
Location of Tree
County/City: Roanoke
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