A Remarkable American sycamore

Tree Information
Common Name: American sycamore
Scientific name: Platanus occidentalis
Category: Unique tree
Notes: The "Grotto" tree as we call it, a Sycamore, has a base circumference of 20'4". In the center of the smallest part of the base there is a 28" high x 21" wide natural opening probably formed early in the tree's existence. As you can see by my photos we are able to enshrine a 20" statue of Buddha. At approximately 4' upwards the tree branches into two separate trees each with a base circumference of 8-9'. It is difficult to know how tall a tree it is, but I think it is safe to say at least 125' tall and, at least 200 yrs old. (Note: this is the 5th largest sycamore on record for Virginia in 2006.)
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Nominator: Terri Therrian
Location of Tree
County/City: Roanoke
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