A Remarkable eastern cottonwood

Tree Information
Common Name: eastern cottonwood
Scientific name: Populus deltoides
Category: Old tree
Notes: Cottonwoods usually don't live this long. The house was built in 1810 by Bartholomew Conyers, so it is doubtful that the tree would be older than that. It is clearly positioned for shade and is very close to the house and road. The tree is located in FT Valley named after Frances Thornton who had the land grant(s). The Conyers House was formerly Conyers Old Store as of 1815; later Finks General Store. See: www.conyershouse.com
Best time to photograph: June, July, or August. Mid May when seed pods open is interesting- four inches of fluff everywhere!
Nominator: Sandra Cartwright-Brown
Location of Tree
County/City: Rappahannock
Name of tree owner: Sandra & Norman Cartwright-Brown
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