A Remarkable common pear

Tree Information
Common Name: common pear
Scientific name: Pyrus communis
Category: Unique tree
Notes: This is an old pear tree which lives on my farm, Mountain Grove, in Albemarle County. It was probably planted by the builders of my house (built in 1804) and is 175-180 years old. I love this tree because it represents persistence in the face of overwhelming odds. When I first moved out to Mountain Grove it was winter and I saw this tree out in the pasture, but I assumed it was a dead tree because the trunk was split open on three sides, and was completely hollowed out. There were animals living inside the trunk and a huge poison ivy vine seemed to have taken it over. But in the spring, I was stunned when the tree was covered with blooms and in late summer I couldn't gather all the pears! We aren't sure what kind of pears they are, but they are delicious, and Tom Burford took some cuttings to preserve this wonderful heirloom. I treasure having pears from the same tree that produced for Benjamin and Mary Woods Harris, who built my house, giving me a living connection to them which is so precious. The tree symbolizes persistence and the will to not just live, but thrive in spite of whatever difficulties one faces. I'm inspired by this tree! I'm not even sure which category it falls into since it's both old and unique, but there is no doubt that it is remarkable!
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Best time to photograph: Late Summer any time of day
Nominator: Betsy Buet
Location of Tree
County/City: Albemarle
Name of tree owner: Betsy Buet
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