A Remarkable red buckeye

Tree Information
Common Name: red buckeye
Scientific name: Aesculus pavia
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: So many people that I know and don't know tell me that my Red English Chestnut Tree is the prettiest tree in Richmond. Cars, buses and strangers stop at my front yard every spring to admire this tree. It is at its peak about April 25 to May 5. Our family loves this tree and takes good care of it. "Isabelle" liked it also, but luckily, she only took a small portion of it. In the fall, the tree has beautiful, smooth, shiney, mahogany buckeyes.
Best time to photograph: End of April to first of May
Nominator: Carpie Coulbourn
Location of Tree
County/City: Richmond City
Name of tree owner: Carpie and Tom Coullbourn
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red buckeye Identification


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