A Remarkable southern magnolia

Tree Information
Common Name: southern magnolia
Scientific name: Magnolia grandiflora
Category: Champion (big) tree
Notes: My father's family moved to this homeplace in the 1930's and my Grandmother lived here until her death. As children,we spent countless hours underneath this tree. We used it as our "hotel"! There was a limb that extended from the trunk laterally and the gradually toward the ground. This served as our walkway up the tree! There was very little climbing unless you chose to go higher. There is even a limb that we all used as a hobby-horse. We used another limb as a look out tower. As long as we wanted to play, my grandparents did not have to rake leaves! We took care of that,too. The tree towers above the traditional 2-story house. The radius of limb cover, must be 25 -35 feet. At any given time there could be 10 grandchildren playing under one tree! I live in the house now and still it is a facination for me and any child who visits here.
Best time to photograph: summer while in bloom
Nominator: Debbie Parks
Location of Tree
County/City: Mecklenburg
Name of tree owner: Janet O. Jones
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southern magnolia Identification


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