A Remarkable white oak

Tree Information
Common Name: white oak
Scientific name: Quercus alba
Category: Community tree
Notes: From what I've read, Keffer Oak is the largest blazed tree on the whole Appalachian Trail. It's approximately 300 years old and it is 18 feet 3 inches in girth. As you approach it northbound on the trail, it is quite an impressive feeling to see its branches spider out above the other trees. Then you come down a small incline and can see the whole tree in all its glory. I think this tree is notable not only because of its size but because it is a notable landmark of the Appalachian Trail. It serves as a sturdy representation of Virginia for all the thru-hikers who pass by on the trail each year. Editor's note: a tree enthusiast from New York writes that the Dover Oak, in Dutchess County, NY (also a white oak and the New York champion), is THE largest tree along the A-T.
Best time to photograph: anytime except winter.
Nominator: Vicky Herrala
Location of Tree
County/City: Craig
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