A Remarkable Japanese red maple

Tree Information
Common Name: Japanese red maple
Scientific name: Acer palmatum
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: It is just so showy with vivid reddish purplish leaves, so beautiful that it inspired me to submit an essay for a disability scholarship application (I am hearing impaired) on if I were a tree, what tree would I be. "If I were a tree, I would describe myself as a Japanese Red Maple. The constant show of red leaves throughout the summer demonstrates that I am not afraid to be different, and my incendiary color trumpets my determination. My limbs and branches are contorted. The tortured line of my branches illustrates my need to grow, in spite of obstacles. Just like a Japanese Red Maple tree, I will grow in spite of barricades, physical shortcomings and difficulties. Beneath the shade of my branches is a cool restful area, perfect for storing my composure and hiding my uncertainties. I allow only knowledge and compassion to peep from this protection and be seen by the world. My sheltering shade will always be big enough to hide other's fears and tears beneath my broad display of leaves. My crowning touch, as a Japanese Red Maple, is my bird feeder. I enjoy, with my feathered guests, the simple pleasures they offer. They fill my branches with music and moving, living color. Roots, deep into the earth provide me with a proud stance and a firm grasp."
Best time to photograph: Any time - best in sun rising or sun setting environment or cloudy day
Nominator: Candy Mott
Location of Tree
County/City: Richmond City
Name of tree owner: Candy Mott & Jerry Harris
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