A Remarkable white oak

Tree Information
Common Name: white oak
Scientific name: Quercus alba
Category: Other
Notes: This is a legendary tree that was felled by a violent thuderstorm on July 19, 1975. It was located in the Roanoke River Valley near Elliston, in Montgomery County. From historical records it is known that General Andrew Jackson rested underneath the tree on his way from Tennessee to his first inauguration as president of the U.S. in 1828. The tree also appears as a landmark in the origianl deed to the property, dating to the 1700's. The tree was 30 ft. in circumference when it was felled. According to the tree's owner, the tree may have been damaged by the excavations made ot Rts. 11/460 in 1950.
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Nominator: Jane C. Barnett
Location of Tree
County/City: Montgomery
Name of tree owner:
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