A Remarkable sugar maple

Tree Information
Common Name: sugar maple
Scientific name: Acer saccharum
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: Sometime in the 19th century the people of Brownsburg, in northern Rockbridge County, planted almost 2 miles of sugar maples along the Brownsburg Turnpike south of the village. They grew to form a remarkable archway. At all seasons, the Brownsburg Sugar Maples are (were) worth the trip to see. It is hard to describe the effect of these perfectly spaced, graceful trees; driving, walking or cycling under them makes you feel blessed and in awe. About a year and a half ago, VDOT removed 28 of the trees. Now, citizens are trying to educate and activate the people who love these trees to plan for their protection. An arborist has been hired to prepare a conservation plan for the maple trees. Any advice is appreciated!
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Nominator: Catharine Gilliam
Location of Tree
County/City: Rockbridge
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