A Remarkable American elm

Tree Information
Common Name: American elm
Scientific name: Ulmus americana
Category: Other
Notes: This is a legendary tree, the Sebrell elm. When first nominated in 1985 by Byron Carmean and Gary Williamson, it displaced the national champion American elm in Kansas- that state's only national champion tree. Tree enthusiasts there were so concerned by these developments that they sent a delegation to Virginia to verify its measurement. The resulting story made the front page of the New York Times, was mentioned on the Johnny Carson Show, and featured in US News and World Report. The Kansas tree was so famous it was made into a one tree state park, and was featured on an AFA commerative drinking glass. The Sebrell elm died of Dutch elm disease in 1988. The tree's owners, J.P. and Paul Simmons, donated the wood to the Southampton Historical Society, who had a wood carver make duck decoys and other items that generated about $20,000 for charity. There are sculptures made from the tree still in the museum.
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Nominator: Carmean and Williamson
Location of Tree
County/City: Southampton
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