A Remarkable red maple

Tree Information
Common Name: red maple
Scientific name: Acer rubrum
Category: Unique tree
Notes: This is a tree at False Cape State Park in Virginia Beach. The park includes the grounds of abandoned hunt club and apparently someone abandonded their rowboat as well. The tree grew right up the boat and note how the limbs have wrapped themselves around the barbed wire! Note: In the 1800s, False Cape gained a reputation as a ships graveyard. The area got its name because its land mass resembled Cape Henry, luring boats into shallow waters. Survivors of such a shipwreck established one of the areas first communities, Wash Woods. The villages church and other structures were built using cypress wood that washed ashore from a wreck. Remains of the settlement still exist today.
Best time to photograph: April and October when there is open access to False Cape State Park through Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Nominator: Staci R. Martin
Location of Tree
County/City: Virginia Beach
Name of tree owner: Virginia
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