A Remarkable sugar maple

Tree Information
Common Name: sugar maple
Scientific name: Acer saccharum
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: This tree is enjoyed and respected by all Blacksburgians. It is historically meaningful to many generations of locals who have enjoyed it for over a hundred years. The tree was planted on Independence Day of 1890, the birthday of the former landowner's late brother-in-law. In the fall, when it is most beautiful, many people can be seen photographing it, attempting to capture a bit of its magic. Its fiery leaves and majestic height, along with the white picket fence and farmhouse in the background truly make it seem beautifully out of place among the traffic and apartments around it. Since we were children, we have admired the stunning that image that we can see from our own back yards. The arrival of a new season is greeted by the changes that it undergoes. Though we have seen it in all of its states, it always seems to grow more beautiful with each passing year. As Blacksburg grows and landowners change, we want to preserve its beauty for the enjoyment of future generations.
Best time to photograph: fall, afternoon
Nominator: Sarah Grant and Melissa Long
Location of Tree
County/City: Montgomery
Name of tree owner: Unknown
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