A Remarkable pin oak

Tree Information
Common Name: pin oak
Scientific name: Quercus palustris
Category: Beautiful tree
Notes: The Pin Oak in our back yard is enjoyed by neighbors around a far strech of area. It was found to be "best in class" by the horticulture society and provides year round pleasure for those that have the priveledge of being able to see it. It sits in the rear of the property up on a hill with great area around it to allow for maximum absorption of water. We hope we will have the priveledge of sharing it's beauty with others.
Best time to photograph: Winter in the moon light gives the best perspective, while it's shadows encompass the entire yard.... other wise any time...
Nominator: Meg Klekner & Paul Segretto
Location of Tree
County/City: Falls Church
Name of tree owner: Meg Klekner & Paul Segretto
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pin oak Identification


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