A Remarkable white oak

Tree Information
Common Name: white oak
Scientific name: Quecus alba
Category: Historic tree
Notes: The tree is listed on the register of historic trees. It has a couple of local stories associated with it and was planted to shade a small manor house known as Royal Oaks that was built circa 1785. The tree still marks the site of the foundation of the house and the graves of Mildred and James Roberdeau. The oral tradition about the the tree is that General Pope, during the battle of Second Manassas, used the Royal Oaks house as a headquarters and set up a telegraph line from one of the upstairs bedrooms. The line went out the window into the tree so that they could send dispatches to Washington DC. No one has so far produced any documentary evidence to support this, but until 1961 or 62, there was an old glass insulator that was in the tree, attached to one of the branches near the bedroom window. It was removed when the house was dismantled in 1962.
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Nominator: Friends of Historic Centreville
Location of Tree
County/City: Fairfax
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