A Remarkable oak

Tree Information
Common Name: oak
Scientific name: Quercus spp.
Category: Historic tree
Notes: This historic oak tree has its roots deep in history. It is the direct descendant of the Constitution Oak tree planted in 1902 on the Hampden-Sydney College campus by Dr. McIlwane, president of the College and then representative to the Continental Congress. In 1976, Dr. Beverly Calvin Bass was chairman of the Prince Edward County Bicentennial Committee which gathered acorns from the original tree, and under the supervision of VPI froze, germinated, then nurtured them to seedlings. Dr. Bass, my father, planted this young seedling close to his home where it has continued to flourish as a strong, remarkable symbol for both the American constitution and family tradition.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Beverly Bass Hines
Location of Tree
County/City: Prince Edward
Name of tree owner: Estate of Dr. B. Calvin Bass
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