A Remarkable serviceberry

Tree Information
Common Name: serviceberry
Scientific name: Amelanchier laevis
Category: Other
Notes: In the spring of 1988, two friends and I attended a bluegrass festival in Carroll County near my parents home. Sometime that weekend we walked around my grandfathers farm and a forester in the group saw a serviceberry that was the largest he had ever seen. Oddly enough another serviceberry near an old spring house turned out to be taller which made it larger as per the measurement criteria. I measured and nominated both of the Serviceberries and to my surprise one of them turned out to be the national champion. Sadly, both trees no longer exist as they were blown over in 2 different storms sometime over the years. Thank you for contacting my parents regarding these trees, it was very exciting at the time to have discovered a national champion tree, it sort of got pushed back in the memory archives so to speak over so many years. BTW, I am currently employed in Missouri as a research forestry technician as a second career after retiring from the Navy after 20 years of service.
Best time to photograph:
Nominator: Billy K. Bryant and Emily Phillips
Location of Tree
County/City: Carroll
Name of tree owner: Samuel K. Bryant
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