Remarkable Trees of Virginia Project - Day 2 Youth Activities

Remarkable Trees of Virginia


Description of the activity Day 2 (One hour)

Give each student a copy of Key to Leaves of Virginia Trees . Use their leaf samples to answer the questions in the key until they arrive at a name for their tree. In some cases, they will end with a group of tree names to choose from. In this case they should look at a field guide or set of Virginia Tech Dendrology Fact Sheets to determine which tree most closely matches their leaf.

After the tree has been identified, ask each student to redraw their tree and write a paragraph or poem about why their tree is remarkable. Have students compare their pictures from the two days, and read their text. The class may wish to vote on which trees best represent the class view. Have them think about what details about their trees are the most important to communicate to a statewide audience.

Encourage students to photograph and nominate selected trees on-line. If a tree is on campus, you may wish to do this as a class activity. In most cases the tree will appear on the public website within one week.


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